Luxurious living rooms

Air conditioner, Television, DVD, Cordless phone set, Three seater sofa, Lamp Table, TV cabinet, Coffee table, Dining table, chairs

Elegant bedroom

Air conditioner, Bed/Divan, Chest of drawers, Dresser + stool for dresser set, Cordless Telephone, Night table + + Table lamp、、Desk,Chairs . And others ...

Comfortable kitchen

410L refrigerator, Cupboard, Micro oven, Washer (4.5Kg ~ larger), Electric range, Range hood, Hot water heater, Airpot, And other kitchenware (Chinaware, glassware, fork, cutlery, etc.,)

Japanese bathroom and toilet

Face towels, Hand towels, Bath towels, Bath mat, Bathroom plastic chair, hair dryer. And others...